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Meet Rabe Real Estate & Our Agents!

Welcome to Rabe Real Estate, offering the best in real estate services to our clients since Pauline Rabe founded the company in 1984.

Forming the backbone of our company are our agents – South Texans who are experienced in capably guiding our clients through the listing and buying processes. Each Rabe agent possesses years of real estate experience and depth of knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of ethical real estate practices, a benefit to our clients and all parties to a transaction.

Pauline Rabe

Pauline Rabe, Broker

(361) 319-1255

Janet R. DiMaggio

Janet R. DiMaggio, Broker

(361) 542-1903

Richard Rabe

Richard Rabe, Agent

(361) 319-1027

Tena Kirkham

Tena Kirkham, Agent

(361) 354-0505

Merissa Slotnick

Merissa Slotnick, Agent

(361) 319-2868

sylvia Padilla

Sylvia Padilla, Agent

(361) 319-7717



Madelyn Broadaway

(361) 362-7852